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xjayx vegan marxist straight edge
21 September
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  • poisonfreespook@livejournal.com
I've been straight edge and vegan for 2 years, i was vegetarian before that. I believe in honour, justice and above all civil rights.

interests not included below include:

ANIMALS: squirrels, ladybirds(bugs), foxes, dogs, cats, rats,

MUSIC:apart from goth rock, punk, metal and hardcore I like Industrial, Classical, Blues and Jazz.

SPORT: basketball, roller-hockey and martial arts (I suck at all of them)

HOBBIES: painting, playing guitar, writing, playing computer games, watching movies and listening to good music.

MOVIES: edward scissor hands, nmbc, sleepy hollow, beatlejuice(gueis), the crow, american history X, Big trouble in Little China, Various Anime, motorcycle diaries, hero, disney stuff (the newer stuff anyway) the goonies and audition.

ANIME: Oratsukidoji (SP?), Ranma, perfect blue, Burn up, Dirty Pair, Gunbuster, sailor moon, tencji and blood the last vampire

MANGA: Ceres, Ranma, Miricle Girls, Demon Diary, Seraphic Feather and Sailor Moon (Most CLAMP stuff is good too)

BOOKS: From the ashes of angels - Andrew Collins, Animal farm - George Orwell and Romeo and Juliet - Will Shakespeare

COMPUTER GAMES: Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Tekken, Tenchu, Worms, Metal Gear, Tomb Raider, Mario, Sonic, Popoon, The sims and so on.


for any info on upcoming manga, zine, film or music projects please contact me at CRABFACEDNINJA@hotmail.com
80s, adam ant, afi, albino spiders, all bets off, american dad!, angels, animal rights, anime, art, batman, bats, beetlejuice, black, blackmetal, cally highfield, candy, champion, che guevara, christmas lights, communism, corsets, cuddling, dali, danny elfman, davey havok, david bowie, depeche mode, drawing, drawing on windows, drug free, edward norton, edward scissorhands, emo, emperor, falafel, family guy, fight club, flowers, forests, garbage, ghost world, giger, goth-rock, halloween, hardcore punk, hero, horror movies, horror punk, human rights, humbugs, immortal, irn bru, johnny depp, katatonia, lacuna coil, lenore, listning to music, love, lyrics, manga, marx, marxism, metal, metal gear solid, minor threat, misfits, mosh, moshing, music, my dying bride, new romantics, nile, nine inch nails, ninjas, november coming fire, opeth, paint, paint the town red, painting, peter pan, photography, pinstripes, pirate ships, pirates, poems, poets, pointing finger, pretty girls, pretty men, pumpkins, punk, rain, ranma 1/2, robert smith, rocky horror picture show, romance, roses, rpg, send more paramedics, senses fail, sickles, silence, skeletons, snow, socialism, soft cell, spiders, spooky things, straight-edge, street fighter, stripes, surrealism, sxe, synthpop, tears, tenchu, the beautiful mistake, the break in, the cure, the first step, the human league, the last chance, the legacy, the lost boys, the nightmare before christmas, the promise, the red star, the sea, the simpsons, the smiths, the vultures, throwdown, tim burton, titian, travis smith, tsunami bomb, vegan candy, veganism, woods, writing, zombies, zombina and the skeletones